Wednesday, 6 April 2011


I do love this Jamie Ridler Wishcasting site. I've been a touch busy lately - what with Royal Weddings in the offing and everything - but this morning when I saw the question "What do you wish to transform?", it almost seemed made for just me!

As a Fairy Godmother (FGM), naturally I am rather skilled when it comes to transforming things. We've already determined that I'm not in the league of FGMs that can turn pumpkins into carriages which is a real shame. However, you should see me make an apple into a pie... What? You mean mortal souls can do that too? Well, I bet you can't turn an old frock into a party outfit fit for a potential Princess? Oh, you can rustle one up with a few ribbons, sequins a determined talent? Hmm... Perhaps there's less to this Fairy Godmother malarky than many folk believe?

Can I make my wish now? Fairy Godmothers have dreams and hopes too you know!

I wish to transform lives for the better through my magic. I wish to give my charges the confidence to take the brave decisions that take them on life's exciting journey. To transform the 'what might have been' to 'what really is'. I believe that the time comes to all of us when we are ready to take that step to fulfill our potential. The right door doesn't necessarily open or even showing itself to us all the time. It may wait until we feel we're past our prime, but timing is everything. Opportunity will show itself eventually. You just have to be brave enough to step right through and grab yourself a big juicy bite of that apple! Then you'll find you're making your own prize-winning pie without any help from me!

Happy wishing!