Friday, 11 February 2011

The truth about glass slippers

At last I find a moment to begin some proper stories. It's hard to know which tale merits first telling so I thought I would start with the story about a Fairy Godmother you are all no doubt very familiar with. I am speaking of course of the most famous of all - that little lady who is known for turning pumpkins into carriages and rodents into footmen. It is, of course Aurelia, better known perhaps as Cinderella's Fairy Godmother.

Aurelia was way before my time and has long since hung up her wand and disappeared into retirement. Still, she remains the stuff of legends to us more modern Fairy Godmothers. It's probably as well that her whereabouts remain a secret for I fear she would be beseiged by us female 'young 'uns' pestering her for access to the spell that turns mice into men (we are less bothered about pumpkins and carriages for obvious reasons!).

I have tried to perform both spells but always failed dismally. I can turn a toy Ferrari into a real one though. The young man I conjured up that one for was left a little disappointed since the life size version unfortunately lacked the engine he was expecting. What can I say? He wished for the replica to be bigger and that's what he got. Be careful what you wish for is my word of advice in this instance.

This thought takes me nicely back to Cinderella and her particular story. Cinderella was a careful wisher. She was also gifted with one of the most talented Fairy Godmothers that ever flew the earth which helped a little.

There's a few facts I would like to put straight about the story though. Mainly concerning glass slippers. Now, the tale goes that after Cinderella fled the Ballroom at midnight losing one of her shoes in the process, the poor Prince then spent weeks searching in vain for the lady whose foot fit the size 4 perfectly.

Now, every Fairy Godmother has their faults and let's face it even Aurelia had to have one. Shoes made of glass? Can you seriously think of anything more uncomfortable? Cinderella didn't lose her slipper, she kicked it off. The poor girl's feet were in agony. The only reason she didn't 'lose' the other one was because it was too small for her and her feet had swollen in protest. She had to prize it off with soap later poor lass.

 So, put yourself in Cinderella's position. There she was sat at home in her rags the following morning, having met the man of her dreams (and by all accounts he really was rather lovely), and she hears from the town gossips that he's out looking for her. Apparently, he carries a shoe that fits only her (just as well it wasn't the other one, because as we've already learnt that wasn't so snug). What would you do?

Would you wait for him to finally get around to your home, when there was always the risk that your wicked Stepmother and sisters would lock you in the scullery? I mean, what if by complete fluke another pretty young lass fit that shoe before you. What would you do then?

No, our Cinderella's dreams had all but come true. She wasn't going to fall at this last hurdle. She would have gone out and claimed her man. Except, her poor feet... they were blistered beyond recognition from those pesky glass slippers. Great swellings protruded from her toes and her poor heel was bloody and sore. There was no way she would ever fit back in that shoe!

What was a girl to do? How could she present such vile looking appendages?Was all lost for Cinderalla?

Of course not! Honestly, how daft do you think the pair of them were? We're talking one of the most lasting fairy tales of all time here. Nope, she simply waited for the Prince to pop round and return her shoe - to the address she'd thoughtfully given him at 11.55pm the previous night, quite secure in the knowledge that having gazed at her faced lovingly for 4 hours the previous evening he just might recognise her again. He was also rather curious as to what on earth possessed such an intelligent girl to go out in a pair of shoes made from glass....

And then of course... they all lived happily ever after...

Ah, such a lovely story. I only wish life turned out so well for everyone for, despite our best intentions, sometimes Fairy Godparents don't quite get it right... Do visit again soon and I'll share why...


  1. A fun tale! I cannot wait to hear more.

  2. Hello Fairy is super wonderful visiting here and this magical realm you have created... and your beautiful writing..hugs and sparkles

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