Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Secret Door Part 2

Did you know that Fairy Godparents can get sick? Well, it's true since we are half mortal these human traits do tend to strike us down every now and again.

You should see the state of me. I've completely lost my sparkle and my wand has gone all bendy. I just hope nobody needs me for anything important over the next day or so or I fear my magic may go askew.

I was so wanting to update you on the adventures of little Molly and the secret door... maybe I can coax a few words onto the virtual page.... I'll see what I can do... The picture above won't make much sense until you get right to the end!


Molly awoke the next morning to a familiar sound. Pitter patter went the rain bouncing its drum beat on window ledges and foliage. Sighing she snuggled back under the duvet with Teddy and Bobo the Monkey and prayed for sun.

Just as she was dozing and dreaming of rock pools and paddling, her Mother burst into the room and urged her daughter out of bed. The weather would perk up later she promised, and in the meantime they could just relax here and read, paint or just explore. Molly peered at the glowering clouds and doubted it somewhat, even with her most optimistic glass half full face on! She perused her wardrobe and picked the most appropriate clothing - not wetsuit, but rainforest t-shirt! Laughing at her little dig at the weather, she also grabbed her froggie umbrella and decided to venture out and explore the dripping garden. Who knew, she might bump into.

Dancing through the puddles a few minutes later, she felt something bump against her leg. What on earth was in her pocket? Molly reached down and pulled out the mysterious key. In all the excitement of coming away, she had forgotten all about it. How strange that it had worked its way into the pocket of her jeans. She shoved it back and continued her exploration, stopping by the gate to the woodland. It did look very wet in there, but rather beckoning too. A tiny portion of sun peeking through the clouds was lighting up the water droplets like Christmas, and was that a rabbit's bobtail she saw disappearing into the bushes?

Molly glanced around quickly to be sure her Mother wasn't watching before diving in and running through the wet foliage laughing excitedly. She followed paths that led nowhere but back on themselves until she spied through the trees the other side of the mysterious door. Fighting her way through brambles and creepers she scrambled her way to stand in front of its magnificence. It certainly seemed strange to have such a noble-looking door leading nowhere in particular. There wasn't even a sign of a path leading away from it this side with ancient oaks and beech trees jostling for space forming a protective arc around the entrance.

Molly pulled the key from her pocket and wondered... She ran her hands over the smooth wood but there appeared to be no key hole within which to place an ancient treasure chest key! Shrugging she scrambled back through the woods in answer to her Mother's call for breakfast.


Swinging through the garden later alongside her partner in crime Bobo Monkey (nice and dry strapped inside her raincoat), Molly once more found herself in front of the 'secret door' as she was now calling it. Only on this side - there was a lock - and what is more it looked like someone had polished it as the brass shined brightly enough to reflect Molly's curious gaze.

She stood for a moment thinking... but only a moment because this was a Molly with impetuous as her middle name... Taking the key from her pocket she reached forward and gently eased it into the lock. It slid in effortlessly, but would it turn?

(Of course it turned! You knew that readers didn't you? The teller of this tale is after all a Fairy Godmother - I'm sure you would expect nothing less!).

Molly was bursting with excitement. Not at the prospect of opening the door - for she knew after all what was on the other side, but with the magic of the event. How on earth had his key come to be in her possession? Who put in the drawer with her sunhat and then wiggled it into the pocket of her jeans? It was a mystery with a capital M.

With an excitable leap Molly gave a great shove to push the door past all the weeds and brambles she knew to be growing the other side. She was somewhat surprised therefore when the door swung effortlessly on oiled hinges and she fell flat on her face!

Picking herself up, Molly quickly realised that she wasn't in Cornwall anymore (she was a big fan of The Wizard of Oz, in case you are wondering!). In fact, as she surveyed the dripping jungle around her and heard the cries of parrots, the slither of snakes and the squawk of goodness knows what, she had an awful suspicion that her dream of visiting the Amazonian rainforest had come true a little sooner than she had expected.

Under her raincoat Bobo wriggled desperate to get out and see what was happening.

Hold on... Bobo wriggled? The stuffed toy monkey Bobo?

If Molly was already dumbstruck by her surroundings, then the sight of her toy monkey wriggling out of his waterproof confines was almost enough to send her screaming back through the door - but  hey, this is Molly and I've already shared that she's made of sterner stuff!

"Come on then" said Bobo with a cheeky wink to the startled Molly. Let's go and explore....

To be continued...

In response to the prompt 'exotic' on Take a Word.


  1. Wow, an adventure in the rainforest! <3 So exciting~ (As I've said before, I really, really love adventure stories!) I hope that you will get better.

  2. Dear Fairy Godmother
    I do hope you are feeling better and thank you for the lovely story!

    lots of love
    your chubby pink friend! - you've guessed it...I'm still in my pink PJ's!!!

  3. Excellent - love your postcard.
    Hope your wand feels straighter today!

  4. Wow, FG, wish I could paint & write as well as you when I'm sick, love the next chapter of the story - bedtime here in NZ so it was a 'bedtime story' for me!

  5. Wish I could write like that when I am well! Hope you are feeling better. I don't like the idea of being without my Fairy Godmother for too long.

  6. Dear Miss Fairy, I loved the second installment of your story and the exotic collage you have created to illustrate it. I hope you are better soon.

  7. Does your temperature match the hot colors of your exotic art, Gary Fodmother? Get well soon!

  8. Dear F. G., what a tale! Your narrative was so absorbing. I do hope you are collecting all these stories and illustrations to make into a book. You are very talented, but I wish you had a name other than fairy godmother.

  9. I am sorry to hear you are not feeling well and hope your spark brightens soon. Your blog is enchanting and magical.

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving your kind words. Have a great day.

  10. A beautiful collage full of mystery and wonderful color- love your creative stories too!

  11. I'm looking forward for the next chapter. Thanks God next week we have birdlife, so Molly can explore the rainforest a little more ;)

  12. Love the collage as much as the story, and both are enchanting.

  13. you are gifted and very talented
    bless your heart and get better!

  14. you have such talent! I love to read your work! There is a little something for you over on my blog, I hope you like it! xx