Friday, 11 March 2011

Rewarding work

Well, how nice to be given an award. It seems I am a versatile blogger. Well, that's a great descriptor of a Fairy Godmother, for who else is capable of conjuring up the love of your life one minute and winning lottery tickets the next (though please do me a favour and next time CHECK THE TICKET!!!!).

I am to share seven secrets. Well, as this is the purpose of this blog, then allow me to sit back in my chair, flex my fingers and begin... it might not be seven though, let's just see how we far we get before alarm bells start ringing back at HQ and I get a warning light on my wand...

According to records at FGM House, I was born in 1790. It's so long ago, I can barely remember and it was a while before I found my calling anyway. In fact, even then there was some doubt in my ability. I'm ashamed of some of my early performance reports I can tell you - and it took a long time for one particular mouse to forgive me... The thing is that some of us are a great deal better at making wishes come true than others. Though this may have something to do with the way our charges make said wishes (see above point about lottery tickets - twice I helped her pick the winning numbers.... Sometimes my job is just so hard).

Not every mortal is allocated a Fairy Godparent - there simply aren't enough of us to go around, even with shift work and flexitime. That's not to say that everyone needs one; some manage just fine without. We work most often to help realise potential or to give our charges a second chance, especially those who missed out in a previous life.

We love writing and telling stories and painting pretty pictures to go alongside them. But most of all we love making the stories in the first place. It's our soul purpose to cast happiness and joy by making our charges realise their potential and self-worth. When we do a good job, I can tell you there's no better feeling!

Well, the wand warning light is starting to glow, so I'd better sneak off now before I get into trouble. I once got suspended for a week for kissing George Clooney when I wasn't supposed to (well, seriously, wouldn't you?).

Time to flutter off for the evening. Thank you Flutterby Trina for your kind nomination and the opportunity to get into trouble with HQ!

Now, quickly, before I go, I am supposed to pass this award on to 15 others. It does seem rather a lot... Can Fairy Godmothers cop out and just point you in the direction of the blogs in my favourite blog list instead?

Or, how about this. I invite you to go on a 15 step blog hop. Use this blog as your starting direction - follow one of my commenters or followers or other links then take 14 more similar steps and see where they take you, then come back here and share the site you land on.

Could be fun - and who knows what you'll uncover or who you'll meet!

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